SEO Training Services for PR

SEO Training Services for PR

SEO Training Services for PR

If your company employs a PR team or an external PR agency, it’s likely you have powerful marketing resources that you aren’t fully utilising. In fact, your PR people are one of your greatest potential SEO assets. Typical PR tasks can substantially boost your site’s search visibility. The issue for most businesses is that currently, they don’t.

We can change that.

Our training will enable your team to add masses of SEO value through simple adjustments, without the need to make substantial changes to their existing strategy. We do this the way we do everything – through a transparent approach to knowledge sharing.

We’ll school your team in how search engines work and get them to work for you.

We will cover:

How search engines work How good SEO can help PR (and vice versa!) Tying content creation to SEO performance How to make press coverage work for your search rankings Events: some practical steps to making real-world events benefit your search ranking How to tell if your SEO efforts are working SEO tools and metrics What not to do! Everything is constructed and delivered with the PR professional in mind. We assume attendees have no experience at the start and we are happy to cater to all knowledge levels. Each step involves practical examples and is focused around the sorts of activities PR people are likely to already be involved in.

Most importantly, the knowledge gained isn’t going to lead to a big increase in workload for your team!

Each SEO training course for PR people/agencies is tailored to your specific requirements. Please get in touch with Mike for a chat about what you need


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